Public Transportation


NEW SCHEDULE - effective February 10, 2020

The fares of our monthly passes will be increased by 2.5% starting February 20, 2020:
- Regular monthly pass: $ 253 ($ 6 increase)
- Student monthly pass: $ 182 ($ 4 increase)

If you want to start using Russell Transpo, click here to know the next steps.

Common Courtesies


Please use perfumes in moderation. Some passengers suffer from allergies, asthma and/or other health conditions and are affected by strong smells.


Keep the volume of your music and/or conversation to a reasonable limit.

Fares and Merchants


- Regular monthly pass: $247
- Student monthly pass: $178
- Booklet of 10 tickets: $102
- One way ticket: $15

Monthly passes and booklets available at the following merchants:

  • PharmaChoice - Russell Pharmacy (110 Craig, Russell)
  • Pronto Convenience Store (1119 Concession, Russell)
  • Shoppers Drug Mart (703 Notre-Dame, Embrun)
  • Town Hall (717 Notre-Dame, Embrun)

Ticket exchange

The 2018 10-ticket booklets have expired on March 31, 2019 and can be exchanged for new tickets. Exchanges are accepted at the Town Hall between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.


Since April 1, 2019, our monthly passes are no longer accepted on OC Transpo buses. Passengers who need to transfer to OC Transpo routes are now required to purchase a Presto Card and select their choice of fare. For more detailed information on purchasing a Presto Card and types of fares, click here. 

What happens if I lose my pass?

Email us as soon as possible. The local merchants are not authorized to replace your pass.


  1. Cheques are not accepted. Payment methods at the merchant’s discretion.
  2. Student must show proof of valid registration. Student ID cards are accepted as proof in order to pay the student rate.
  3. Only bus drivers sell one-way trip tickets. The exact change is required.

Important Notices

No buses run on the following days: 

  • January 1 - New Year's Day
  • April 10 - Good Friday
  • May 18 - Victoria Day
  • July 1 - Canada Day
  • September 7 - Labour Day
  • October 12 - Thanksgiving Day
  • December 25 - Christmas
  • December 28 - Boxing Day

Reduced service on the following days (AM: Options 2 and 3 only / PM: Options 1 and 2 only):

  • April 13 - Easter Monday
  • August 3 - Civic Holiday
  • November 11 - Remembrance Day
  • NEW:
    St-Laurent Station Bus Stop (AM)
    Hurdman Station Bus Stop (PM)


    Park and Rides

    • Embrun Arena (Blais Street, Embrun)
    • Russell Avenue, First Avenue (behind Mother Theresa Catholic School)
    • Duncanville Park (South of Mill Street, Russell)
    • OC Transpo in Vars (corner of St-Guillaume and St-Pierre)

    The Township of Russell is not held liable for any loss or stolen items or damages to your vehicle.

    Schedules and Maps

    Russell Transpo offers its residents a commuting service between Embrun and Russell to Ottawa and Hull Monday to Friday.



    Tax Credit

    After June 2017, monthly passes and 10-ticket booklets are no longer tax deductible. For more information, click here.




    613-443-3066 (extension 2346)