Budget Highlights

2018 Budget Highlights

How does a budget work?

What you need to know!

On November 6th 2017, Russell Township Council approved the 2018 budget for $46,690,554 and it includes:
      - Operational budget $ 24,324,433.
      - Capital Projects budget of $ 22,366,121.

The anticipated Municipal debt as of December 2018 is $20,131,390.00.

Following the acceptance of the 2018 Budget, Council approved a 1.5% tax increase. This represents an increase of about $24 on the average residential tax bill* as well as $ 162,000 in additional revenues for the Township.

*This increase does not include United Counties of Prescott Russell nor the School Boards tax portions. 

Financial statements are available to taxpayers and/or residents upon request or here.

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Where your taxes go?

How do we get revenues?

Where is it spent?

Our revenues create our Operational Budget: 

Noteworthy Capital Projects

We have a lot of very exciting projects this year - many of which will help us improve our level of service.

 $ 30,000  Road resurfacing, culvert replacement & guide rails
 $ 55,000  Cladding Repairs to Russell Museum
 $ 65,000  Industrial Park Sign 
 $ 75,120  Cycling Plan 
 $ 78,000  LED Sign at Town Hall 
 $ 91,500  Upgrade to our Libraries 
 $ 124,914  LED Lighting Replacement - Embrun & Russell Arenas 
 $ 150,000  Sidewalk Repairs
 $ 175,000   Addition and Replacement of Vehicles
 $ 193,916  Parks & Recreation rehabilitation and installation projects 
 $ 1,240,000
 Road resurfacing, culvert & guard rails replacements  
 $ 1,500,000  St-Joseph Bridge Rehabilitation 

2018 Paving

In 2018, the Russell Township will repave 11,760 metres of roads for $ 980,000 with a portion funded through Infrastructure Canada’s Federal Gas Tax Fund.

Here are the roads that will be repaved:
            - Forced Road (from Craig to the nature trail);
            - Route 400 (between Ste-Marie and St-André);
            - Route 400 (between Macdonald and Grégoire);
            - St-Pierre (St-Guillaume north of Route 200);
            - Ste-Catherine (Route 400 to Route 500), and;
            - St-Jacques (from Carrière to Route 400).

An additional $ 150,000 will go towards repairing portions of sidewalks across the Township.

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